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Empowered communities in Latin America facing the silent pandemic of antimicrobial resistance in the context of COVID-19

We, the undersigned communities, social organizations, agroecologists, scientists, academic institutions, health professionals, teachers, artists, activists and representatives of indigenous peoples, came together during the Latin American Encounter of Communities Empowered against antimicrobial resistance within the context of COVID-19.

Considering that:

  1. For decades, antimicrobial resistance (AMR), particularly resistance to antibiotics (ABR), has been a silently-growing pandemic, affecting human health, animal health, economies, and ecosystems, globally.
  1. Due to poor nutrition, lack of drinking water, lack of access to health services and insufficient health education, among other social inequities, ABR mainly affects the poor.
  1. By 2050, antimicrobial resistance could cause around 10 million deaths per year, exacerbating poverty and inequities, especially in low-income countries.
  1. Due to the scale of contamination with antibiotics, multi-resistant bacteria and resistant genes, ABR is a disease of Mother Earth.
  1. The cause of the problem is the massive and indiscriminate use of antibiotics in human health but most importantly in the intensive rearing of animals destined for consumption, in aquaculture and in agriculture.
  1. The World Health Assembly approved the Global Action Plan on AMR in 2015 and – following on this – the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean committed to implementing their respective national plans.
  1. Ecological agri-food systems, free from the non-therapeutic use of antibiotics, are critical to contain bacterial resistance and emerging infectious diseases.

We declare that:

  1. AMR requires an urgent, comprehensive, coordinated, and sustained response from all sectors; a response that corrects social inequities, takes into account the microbial ecology, the planetary health in which we are immersed, and effective social participation.
  1. During the Encounter we have learned intensely from the knowledge and initiatives of the communities and social organizations in our region, to prevent and control COVID-19, as well as to promote health. Their knowledge is a rich source of learning to address antibiotic resistance holistically.
  1. It is urgent to promote dialogue and cooperation between community networks, academic sectors, artistic groups, state bodies and international organizations, because no one can know or do everything. We need each other to tackle a problem as big and complex as AMR.
  1. Multiplying the educational, communication, and artistic proposals shared during the Encounter would be an effective strategy to spread awareness about the magnitude and nature of bacterial resistance, as well as about the proper use of antibiotics.
  1. Ecological agri-food systems, free from the non-therapeutic use of antibiotics, are critical to contain bacterial resistance and emerging infectious diseases.
  1. The One Health approach, which recognizes the interdependence between human, animal and environmental health, is essential to successfully address AMR.

We ask Governments to:

  1. Through civil society participation, strengthen the One Health approach and intersectoral activities within national AMR action plans.

  2. Guarantee public, universal, accessible health systems, focused on health promotion, the most effective strategy to improve antibiotic use in human health.

  3. Prohibit – within a defined period – non-therapeutic antibiotic use in animal husbandry and aquaculture, as well as the use of antibiotics critical to human health in animal farming.

  4. Identify and collect good examples of community practices, from the health system and from research centers, and promote them at the local and national levels, through AMR action plans..

  5. Strengthen effective community participation in national AMR action plans, which will be reflected through clear strategies informed by empowered community proposals.

We close this declaration, grateful, full of enthusiasm and raising a hymn to health and to life, because without social participation there is no holistic approach to AMR, and without a holistic approach there is no solution. United in diversity.

November 12, 2021

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